Intergroup Meeting/ Information

Intergroup meetings are scheduled for the second Sunday of each month. They are at 3pm at 1909 Production Drive at GRB Design.

We are in need of group representatives from each meeting to commit to one hour per month to help out the program.   Bring concerns from your group, take back information and announcements to your group after the meeting.

What is Intergroup?

Section 1

  • An Intergroup is a group of local groups which meet together to discuss mutual problems and work with one another for the common good of all.

Section 2

  • The term of office for Intergroup reps is one year.

Section 3

Functions of the Intergroup:

  1. To disseminate Gamblers Anonymous information and approved Gamblers Anonymous literature to any group.
  2. The Intergroup shall be answerable to those groups that it represents and the Board of Trustees where it affects Gamblers Anonymous as a whole.
  3. Any newly formed Gamblers Anonymous group shall be able to participate but not vote in the business portion of the Intergroup meetings until being in existence for a period of no less than three months. A majority of the groups must be represented before a vote can take place.
  4. Intergroup meetings should be held at least once a month.
  5. The order of business of the Intergroup shall be conducted by the trusted servants in accordance with the Guidance Code.
  6. The Intergroup should be supported financially by the member groups.
  7. The Intergroup should publish a meeting list for the area and should send copies to the International Service Office.
  8. The Intergroup should hold the election for the Trustees that are to be selected from their area.
  9. No trusted servant of the Intergroup shall receive compensation for service rendered as a trusted servant of the Intergroup.
  10. Trusted servants: