Phone Meeting

Phone meeting on Wednesday Nights at 9 pm.  Call 712-770-4160
ID number 611704# Long distance rates will apply.

For phone meeting support between meetings use this email:

If you would like to make yourself available to support someone from this meeting who needs it, signify it in your email.


International GA Conference planning meetings

2nd Sunday of each month at 4pm after the InterGroup meeting. Give back to GA and be of service.

We encourage everyone in GA in Area 10B to come out and volunteer on a committee. Hospitality and Registration volunteers are needed. This is our chance to roll out our hospitality to the rest of International GA on May 31 through June 2. Over 120 Trustees will meet on May 30 and May 31 prior to the conference.

at  1909 Production Drive

Meetings Needing Your Support

FRIDAYS at 7pm at 3200 Poplar Level Rd (step meeting) If you have thoughts on whether the step format should change or stay as is, let Gary B know.

SUNDAYS at 1pm at St. Thomas More

SUNDAY NIGHT at 6pm at Trinity United Methodist Church in New Albany

If you have a GA event or any GA news please let Steve B. know.
E-mail or call Steve B.

Upcoming GA Events

Bowling coming soon.

Spring Trustee Walkathon

Spring Picnic first saturday of May

International Conference in Louisville May 31- June 2




Intergroup positions available

There are still committee member openings on the Intergroup.

We are also in need of group representatives. If your group does not have a representative vote one in. Give back to GA and Be of service.

Please contact anyone from the GA Intergroup for more information if you would like to provide service to the Gamblers Anonymous program.

The Birthday List


Please send me your birthday information at least 30 days prior to your birthday celebration.

The information I will need:

Your first name and last initial.

Your abstinence date.

The date you will celebrate or recognize your GA birthday and which meeting.

Will it be an Eating meeting or Dessert Meeting.



Louisville Social Activities

Greater Louisville Social Activities


Spring: Bowling and possibly mini golf

Spring Trustee: Walkathon

Spring Picnic is the first Saturday of May




Intergroup Meetings

Our monthly Intergroup meeting will be at Gary B’s office. 1900 Production Drive

Next meeting Sunday May 6 from 3-4 pm

We still have open positions:

Be of service. See you there!