The Birthday List

Steve B (1/18/04) 14 years, Jay P (1/25/14) 4 years, and Ginny C (1/8/17) 1 year will celebrate on Thursday 1/15 at 7pm. Our Lady of Peace

Mary Beth A (1/8/11) 7 years on 1/27 at St Michael’s 9am

Charlie H (1/21/00) 18 years on 1/21 Sunday at 6pm,Trinity United Methodist Church in New Albany

Ron W (1/30/98) 20 years and Bruce H (2/11/93) 25 years celebrate on Friday 2/23 at 7pm.

Please send me your birthday information at least 30 days prior to your birthday celebration.

The information I will need:

Your first name and last initial.

Your abstinence date.

The date you will celebrate or recognize your GA birthday and where?

Will it be an Eating meeting or Dessert Meeting?




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